About ECA

The Edgemont Community Association is more than a community centre, it is the heart of community development; driving the pulse of neighbourhood awareness, infrastructure, policy, funding, recreation, events, and beautification.

The association facilitates a number of enrichment initiatives and programs that all of its members can participate in, from children and teens to adults and seniors. These may include, but are not limited to, our sports programs, community betterment projects, personal development services, social programs, arts and cultural classes, religious services, and outreach.


Edgemont is located in Northwest Calgary and was developed in 1978. The association was formed in 1980. The community borders onto Nose Hill Park and is one of Calgary's largest residential developments. Excellent views towards the downtown core and the Rocky Mountains can be seen here. There are several green spaces along with natural coulee's located throughout the area. Edgemont is also located close to light rail transit that provides good access to downtown. Nearby schools include Edgemont elementary and Mother Mary Greene elementary school and Tom Baines Junior High school.


A Community Association membership is a great way to support your community. They are inexpensive and voluntary. A valid membership is usually required to participate in recreational, social and educational programs including soccer, scouts, preschool programs, karate to yoga, stampede breakfasts to senior programs, movie nights and much more! Several Calgary recreation centres will also provide a discount for community association membership holders.

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Governance & Bylaws

👉 Download the Edgemont Community Association Bylaws

👉 Download the Edgemont Community Association Proof of Filing

👉 Download the ECA Board Director Nomination Form for AGM's

👉 Download the ECA Board Director Nomination and Voting Procedure for AGM's

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Edgemont Community Association Board Members

  • President (Executive)
  • Bill Kirk
  • president@edgemont.ab.ca
  • bill@edgemont.ab.ca
  • 1st Vice President (Executive), New Capital
  • Elaine Scobie
  • elaine@edgemont.ab.ca
  • 2nd Vice President (Executive)
  • Bruce James
  • bruce@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Treasurer (Executive)
  • Terry Meiyeppen
  • treasurer@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Secretary
  • Pamela Wilson
  • secretary@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director, ELM Chair
  • Jo-Ann Wither
  • joann@edgemont.ab.ca
  • elm@edgemont.ab.ca
  • askelm@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director, Rink
  • Rick Wierzbicki
  • rick@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Brett Plaizier
  • brett@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Brent McConnell
  • brent@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Anil Garg
  • anil@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Connie Boucher
  • connie@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Min Cao
  • min@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Pam Wilson
  • Pam@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Scott Thompson
  • scott@edgemont.ab.ca
  • Director
  • Vishal Dalal
  • vishal@edgemont.ab.ca