The ECA Way

The Edgemont Community Association (ECA), a spirited and cohesive volunteer organization including support staff, will:

  • Foster a sense of community
  • Provide a leadership forum, and
  • Enhance social, cultural, and recreational opportunities of the community in a fiscally responsible manner

To achieve this mission and display our core values we will embrace the following code of conduct, known as the ECA Way.


Each member is expected to be accountable for their actions and to contribute to results and outputs of the organization. Members need to be aware of and act upon the expectations placed on the organization as well as the consequences of failure to meet them. Confidentiality, when required, will be respected.


Communication must take place in an open and transparent manner. Each member should be included in any discussion that affects them. All concerns and issues must be addressed and conflicts resolved through reasoned discourse. Any confidential information, if necessary, must be treated accordingly.


Each member is expected to exhibit honesty and transparency in all our actions and activities. All endeavours must be protected from undesirable practises. Conflicts of interest should be avoided; but if occurring must be declared.


All members are encouraged to develop sensitivities towards each other’s beliefs, values and cultural practises. Fair behaviour and non-abusive language is expected.


Each member has the right to a safe, friendly environment, free from physical and emotional harassment.


Each member is entitled to freedom of expression provided it does not demean other members or compromise the principles of the organization. Each member should be continuously involved in our decision making processes and free to challenge, in an appropriate fashion, any policies, procedures and actions without fear of reprisal. However, once a decision is made or action agreed upon, all members must support the outcome.

Signed by: The ECA Board of Directors
Date: May 26, 2017