ECA COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Dear Edgemont Resident,

Maintaining social distance is our shared highest priority in the efforts to control the spread of COVID-19! We also understand that people need community support during this time.

If you can assist with non-contact support efforts, such as:

  • Pick-up and delivery of groceries, prescriptions or other needed items
  • Snow shoveling
  • Pet care
  • Volunteer support of agencies

Please contact us at

We also encourage all residents of Edgemont to build on our great community spirit and connect to your neighbors! This can be done in many ways with limited face-to-face contact. TEXT, phone, email, send a greeting card, use social media or video chat – there are lots of free services!

Please check in with anyone you know who is vulnerable in your neighborhood. You may not be able to help in every way but showing that you care is the first step! If you have personal needs yourself please email us at, we will attempt to connect you with support.


Lois Uptigrove & Jeff Edwards
ECA Volunteer Coordinators
Cc ECA Board of Directors and ECA General Manager