ELM REPORT: December 2019

ELM REPORT: December 2019

ELM REPORT: December 2019

Our 2019 ELM year was very successful. We have had so many compliments from the community stating ”this has been the best year yet.” Other ELM communities have also complimented Edgemont on our success. Our contractor, Able Landscaping, has also received compliments from other landscaping companies and from the City saying Edgemont was the best-looking community this year. To top things off we are still in the top 10 of desirable communities to live in according to Avenue Magazine.

We have also received compliments on how much better our community is looking. Residents have noticed that our green spaces are improving and the neglected shrub beds are getting a good pruning back or clearing out of dead or diseased shrubs. There will be some new shrubs or plantings planted in areas where dead shrubs were removed, in the spring. I have also been told by many people that they are noticing more homeowners are doing home improvements and improving their landscaping in the past couple of years. Most of these reports come from our residents who walk the community regularly. I have also had conversations with a few people from out of town who are so impressed with the look of our community.

A lot of time, effort and community money goes into planning and executing the ELM program and our community is showing its beauty and pride of ownership. We would also like to thank everyone who attends our annual Green Space Open House to see the progress that has been made each year, to see what is planned for the coming year, to give us their suggestions , meet and speak with the various City Departments involved with ELM and to sign up to volunteer in the community. This is a valuable part of the ELM program.

The community will start seeing the seasonal displays arriving in November and completed before early December. This year our displays will be designed by Edenscapes Garden Services. These displays will add beauty and colour to our drab winter.

Every year we have experienced some of our plant materials or the actual display missing from our planters. These are strategically placed for the best viewing of the displays. Missing displays certainly upset our residents as they can not be replaced. The supplies are ordered in the month of August so orders can be filled. Spare greenery is not able to be stored for replacement purposes. We ask the community to report any incidences of plant theft or damaged planters to askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca or call and report it to the Edgemont Community Centre at 403-239-1211.

The ELM team will be finalizing the plans for the 2020 season before the end of December and hope to do some well needed relaxing over the winter months.

2019 is coming to an end and the ELM team would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Season.

Happy New Year 2020 The ELM Team,

Jo-Ann, Helen, Rick, Barb, Sheldon Kingcott Able Landscaping, Edenscapes Garden Services

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