ELM REPORT: July 2019

ELM REPORT: July 2019

ELM REPORT: July 2019

The first week of June was a flurry of planting our garden beds and planters. The new Edgemont entrance sign garden bed was built and the Ribbon bed at the corner of Edgemont Blvd and Edgevalley Drive had improvements done. Due to the slope at the new entrance sign and the continuation of the ribbon bed, it was important to secure any soil loss with retaining walls. To keep our community looking cohesive we coordinated both walls with the same wall blocks.

We are very proud of the new look of the entrance sign. Solar panels have been installed to illuminate the sign at night. Our sign will certainly stand out as unique compared to the other NW communities. We have chosen to plant colourful annuals for this summer as perennials will take a while to give us any displays. The perennials will be planted in the fall ready for next spring and summer’s display.

As ELM is trying to maintain and enhance our community the City is doing much-needed road and pathway repairs. After these are completed our community will have a revitalized look. The boulevards and medians on Edgemont Blvd will take quite a beating during these repairs but they will be rejuvenated after Roads has completed the repairs.

Our mole and vole population are carrying on with their own landscaping plans. This seems like a never-ending problem. There are many sites that can provide information on these pests and how to control or eradicate them. The City of Calgary site also has its own pest control sites for more information.

Now that all our neighbours’ garden beds are becoming established for the summer it is time to walk around the community and admire all the dedicated work. If you would like to submit pictures of your own gardens or yards please send them to newsletter@edgemont.ab.ca.

Our contractor will be fertilizing the garden beds, planters and shrub beds throughout the summer. August is the time plants start to prepare themselves for the fall and winter so we will stop fertilizing our planters and garden beds at that time. We do not want to promote new growth when they are going through this wind-down stage so we will only water the plants from August on as required.

Shrub beds are being assessed for the fall pruning and removal of dead shrubs. We have so many shrub beds in Edgemont that this is a huge task each year. We will coordinate with Urban Forestry for this work.

As you travel around our beautiful community please give our contracting crew a big wave. They appreciate these special touches our community shows to them.

The ELM Team

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