ELM REPORT: June 2019

ELM REPORT: June 2019

ELM REPORT: June 2019

Planting of our garden beds and planters will begin the first week of June. The May long weekend often brings snow and frost so planting before June 1 can be very costly.

The perennials in our garden beds should be poking their heads up before June. Hopefully we will have some colour starting in our beds.

The last shipment of planters for our community were delivered and placed at the end of April. We have made good use of planters as we cannot do garden beds on medians or boulevards. The City has utilities running underground and they often have to dig up these areas to do repairs. Garden beds on medians and boulevards are very expensive to maintain because of the salt, sand and stones being thrown on them in the winter.

The procedure for planting will go as follows: the centre inserts will be delivered first and placed in all the planters. The next shipment will be the fill in plants for around the centre- pieces to completely fill the planters.

The final delivery will be the garden bed plantings. Our new garden beds will be receiving more perennials and the outside borders will be planted with annuals. This gives us the option of choosing a colour theme each year for our displays.

Edgemont does not have a large, secure depot for storing or maintaining all the plantings so they have to be delivered in stages. They are delivered to one of our parks and loaded onto our landscaping trucks the delivered. There is a guard on duty at the park to secure our plants until they are planted.

The new perennial garden bed for the new Edgemont entrance sign will be built this year. The sign is on a slope so the garden bed will require a small retaining wall to hold the soil in place. We have some restrictions as to what can be planted around the sign. ELM has been advised that no trees can be planted due to the underground reservoir, any underground utilities, and the angle of the slope. We can however plant some colourful shrubs in place of trees. The size of the garden bed will be restricted by the placement of any existing underground utilities.

We will be working closely with City Parks and Urban Forestry to prune out dead branches and remove dead plantings on our many islands. We are not allowed to trim or remove any trees or remove any shrubs without the approval of these departments.

Our landscaper has a new Steam Weed machine that he can use on weeds growing in mulch, stones, sand, dirt and cracks in the pavement.. This machine kills weeds with steam instead of herbicides. Many of our islands have stone and /or concrete so this will work well.

The landscaping crews were busy with all the prep work and clean up during April and May. June will see lots of gardening and of course mowing. When you are out walking or driving around Edgemont please give the crew a big wave. They appreciate the gesture.

The ELM Team

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