2019 has come to an end and the ELM team is taking the winter months to finish planning for the 2020 season.

The ECA will be hosting the annual ELM and Green Space Open House for Edgemont in April 2020. This is the perfect time for our residents to come out and be engaged with the ELM team, the contractors and the vendors and City Department ELM representatives.  The plans for 2020 will be on view, new updates will be available, lots of information pertaining to the program will be available, and there is an opportunity for constructive feedback or suggestions to be given.  This is the perfect time to update yourselves on the advancements of the program and to prepare yourselves for the 2020 5 year reaffirmation vote to continue the program which will be held later in the year.

January’s newsletter started the review of the ELM program. We started with What to Expect from the ELM program and in February we continue with What not to Expect from the ELM program. ELM is in charge of maintaining and enhancing the public green spaces of Edgemont. These areas include our parks, medians and boulevards, gardens and shrub beds.  Without our maintenance, they would continue to be overgrown and die off and be filled with garbage.  City Parks has had their budget cut so heavily over the past few years they have had to sell much of their equipment, reduce their crew to a very minimum, stop regular maintenance in green spaces in non-ELM communities, contract all their maintenance out to the cheapest contractors and reduce the number of services provided.  Your taxes do not cover very much in community maintenance anymore. To keep the community vital, safe, healthy and in good maintenance we need to supplement what little the City can provide (which reduces every year) with all the work ELM does. The City would eventually like every community to become an ELM, HOA, RA community.

Edgemont has aged and many people are noticing areas that require improvements that are not part of the ELM program. There are many fences that need repair and painting. Community entrance signs that are located on private property that need repairs or enhancing. The areas that the City or ELM can look after are getting repaired.  The ECA will be looking for volunteers who would like to become involved with trying to improve some of these areas.  The majority of these areas are located on private property but face out onto our roads and walkways. Please call the Edgemont Community Centre and leave your contact information if you would like to help out in this capacity.  Phone: 403-239-1211 or email: office@edgemont.ab.ca

The ELM Team

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