LEAF REPORT: August 2017

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

LEAF REPORT: August 2017


Happy 150th Anniversary Canada!

Edgemont is honouring our country with red and white flower displays in our new white planters and the ribbon bed at the entrance of Edgevalley Drive and Edgemont Boulevard.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

  • The 3 tier pot groupings of different heights at the entrances of some of our areas, were designed to be artistically and aesthetically different from the other aggregate pots, as a distinct entrance feature to welcome you to that particular neighbourhood.
  • The planters are filled with red and white wave petunias, red coleus, red begonias, white bacopa, geraniums and alyssum.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

More floral displays in public green spaces

  • In Year 2 we wanted more public green spaces that did not have flowers in Year 1, to receive floral displays.
  • The new rectangular white planters were placed along the main arteries of Edgemont that are also bus routes.
  • Every homeowner and resident should enjoy passing by some floral displays as they walk in their neighborhood, or drive to their homes.
  • The rectangular planters have alternating red and white topiary rose bushes to honor Canada’s 150th The base of the rose standards are accented by begonias, geraniums, wave petunias, licorice, and alyssum.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

New flowerbeds

  • Two new flowerbeds were planted at the base of the Edgemont Estates 1 signs. We hope that the residents of this area of Edgemont are pleased with this year’s enhancement.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

  • One new flowerbed was planted across from the community center, in a rock garden setting.
  • Many weddings and celebrations are held at the community center, and we anticipate that our beautiful flowerbeds surrounding this area will attract photos to be taken at these sites.

Planter Features

  • The planters along Edgemont Boulevard have Vanilla Strawberry hydrangea tree standards alternated with Japanese Cutleaf Maple as center focal points. These maples will turn to a vibrant red in the fall, so keep watch for the change in the season of cooler weather.
  • Flowers surrounding the hydrangeas are various shades of spreading pink petunias and lime green potato vines.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017 LEAF REPORT: August 2017

  • Planters along Edgebrook Drive and the medians on Edenwold Drive have Canna lilies, zonal geraniums, petunias, verbena, begonias and lime green potato vines.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

  • Planters along Edgepark Boulevard are alternated with focal points of Canna lilies and red spike dracaenas, surrounded by a variety of colored petunias, osteospermum, geraniums, daisies, verbena, lime green potato vines, Creeping Jenny and Vinca vines.

LEAF REPORT: August 2017

New Perennials

There are many Edgemont residents who enjoy walking through the multitude of pathways in our parks and ravines.  As you are strolling through our beautiful neighborhoods, keep watchful eyes to see if you can identify some of the new perennials that have been planted in various shrub beds.

Perennials that have been added:

  • Hydrangeas
  • Rose standards
  • Rose bushes
  • Mock Orange
  • Snowball Bush
  • Azaleas
  • Rhododendron
  • Junipers
  • Daylily
  • Hostas
  • Irises
  • Grasses

LEAF REPORT: August 2017


Calgary was a sea of yellow everywhere this spring.  Edgemont also had some green spaces of many dandelions, even though these areas were sprayed twice last year.

However, our medians and boulevards were mostly dandelion free this spring, due to 2 applications last year.

The City of Calgary “takes an integrated pest management approach to manage weeds (including dandelions) through various techniques to encourage healthy grass/turf growth.”

Please check this City of Calgary website for further information on dandelions:


Because we have our LEAF program in place, we do spray our dandelions on medians and some public boulevards and park areas.

This spring, we did spray some areas for the dandelions.  There will not be a second spraying this year, as it is very costly.  We hope that one application will help to keep the dandelions in check.

John Laurie Park between Edgemont Boulevard and Edgemont Drive cannot be sprayed on the hill, due to a reservoir that sits beneath it.  The area surrounding the rink and the soccer fields can be sprayed.

Abundant August

As you read this LEAF update, it will be August.  Continue to enjoy the beauty of our public green spaces and the flower displays, as they should be blooming in abundance at this time of year. The planters and flowerbeds will be showing a verdant mix of blooms, enhanced with the vibrant colors of Mother Nature.  Take a closer look at focal points, varying heights and textures, types of blooms and the variety of flower sizes.

And remember to stop and smell the roses.

Your LEAF Team
Jo-Ann & Helen

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