Throughout the summer, City Parks has continued to address the spraying of dandelions and thistles. Due to the abundant crops of both dandelions and thistles, we have had to spend quite a bit more money on spraying this year.

Mowing improved as the summer progressed and as we addressed any problematic areas of concern.

Many of our pot displays were changed due to some challenges in securing the standards against the heavy winds and rains. The small plantings that many people complained about at the beginning of our season have flourished beautifully and are cascading well over the pot rims. We are very proud of the outcome. Ask leaf has had very few complaints this year. The majority of complaints came within the first two weeks of planting the pots. The major concern to askleaf is still Top of the Hill. Absolutely nothing is being done to address this issue by Bylaw. A letter was sent to Sean Chu’s office regarding Top of the Hill corner but there has been no action from there either.

A resident contacted Bylaw and has done everything they have told her to do to get results and so far nothing. She has now contacted Al Leach for advice.

NOTE: when a call is placed to 311/or reported online you are given a service number to record. If a bylaw/city officer has not responded to you within two weeks you must call again with the original service number. It then goes to the next level of reporting. The same process…if no one contacts you with results you must call again in exactly 2 weeks with the service number. Once it goes to the third level it become a priority.
Now the reason all the community complaints have been ignored is no one calls back within the two week period (it has to be two weeks to the day apparently. Or If it is on a weekend maybe just before the exact day) As soon as the two week period elapses the request goes away and you have to start again. They do not tell you the procedure when you call. We have found out by calling persistently and now we have this answer.

Our garden beds have developed beautifully. We are having some difficulty with the Ravine beds at the top of Edgevalley Dr. The plants that are supposed to be deer resistant have been eaten by the deer so it is not looking in tip-top shape. Bylaw does not allow us to put anything down to deter the deer so we will need to rethink next year’s plantings.

The bed at Edgebrooke Dr and Edgeridge View has sustained some death due to people walking through the garden bed and now voles are living underneath so they are eating the plant stems. It still looks good from the drive by.

Our biggest disappointment is the number of flowers that are being stolen from our ribbon bed at the corner of Edgemont Blvd and Edgevalley Dr. We have already replaced stolen ones this season and now we have to do it again. The flower of choice is the geranium. Now they have started stealing material from the rock bed beside the ribbon bed. Whoever is doing this appears to have no respect for the homeowners who contribute to our program and for all the hard work that our crew goes through to build, plant and maintain our enhancements.

On August 16/17, Paul Clark, John Wither, Al Leach and Jo-Ann Wither attended a meeting with Calgary Parks Superintendent Sheldon David. This meeting was scheduled bay us to discuss the possible changes and recommendations that are to be implemented to the existing Enhanced Landscape Maintenance Program. Sheldon still does not have any definitive information and does not know when City Parks will be ready to meet with us to discuss the modifications. We discussed some of our concerns with Sheldon and he has made note of them for further discussion.

I received an email the next day from Calgary Parks Community Services asking to set up a meeting with the LEAF team in early to mid- September to discuss the changes and recommendations to the LEAF Program. This program will possibly become a program of the Edgemont Community Association to the Board will need to be involved in these meetings.

Prepared by Jo-Ann Wither

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