LEAF REPORT for Spring 2017

LEAF REPORT for Spring 2017

LEAF REPORT for Spring 2017

The last month has been very busy with meetings regarding the many changes expected to the LEAF program in 2018/19.

The City completed their review of all the LEAF community programs and all the legal commitments delegated to the LEAF communities and the City’s participation.

All departments involved contributed to the review and there have been changes implemented in all the LEAF programs.

The City has decided to limit their participation in the program and is turning all the maintenance and enhancement responsibilities over to each LEAF community.  Each community will be responsible for hiring their own contractors to carry on the maintenance and enhancement program.

The city will continue to provide their seasonal contribution towards the maintenance of the green spaces.  This will be added to the tax levy collected.

The City has also reviewed their legal commitments and will no longer contribute the tax levy on any city owned properties or businesses as they are not classed as residential owned homes. This will affect all LEAF communities.  Our tax levy total will go from $457,128.00 down to $446,796.00

We are having many budget meetings to carefully monitor all expenditures and stay within our new budget for 2017.  We will not be doing as many enhancements this year but will continue the needed maintenance of all the green spaces. We will also have a reduced crew implementing our enhancements to help us stay within our budget.

The over expenditure in 2016 was preparing for an early start in the spring of 2017.  We had a larger crew and were able to prepare many areas for early spring pot placements, dug garden beds, and prepared rock nooks for planting and bought supplies need for the early start up.

This will keep us on track with all the other LEAF community start ups. This  amount is deducted from our 2017 budget.

Our new pots arrived this week and will be uncrated soon.  The Parks crew will be out with their crane placing them around our community within the next week or two.   They will then be filled with soil and left to settle before adding more soil and the plantings.

The interactive LEAF google map that I have been working on most of the winter has run into a technical problem and the web master is working to correct it.  I have instructed him to put all the written information up on the web site but the google map and updated pictures will follow as soon as the problem is corrected and the balance of my information can be plotted on the map.

I will continue to post updates on the web site, and in the newsletter.

During the early fall our Horticulturalist reported that two of the Japanese willow trees that were planted in the pots along Edgepark Blvd were removed.  These trees were to be over wintered in the nursery for placement in garden beds this spring.

We were also informed that 10 decorative twig balls that were placed in our Xmas displays were ripped out. The solar lights were wound around inside them and they were broken to remove the decorations.

We also had a pot at the corner of Edgebrook Rise and Edgebrook Drive destroyed by a hit and run accident during the night of Feb 18/17.  The vehicle would have had front end damage as the pot was concrete and full of dirt.

Anyone who has any information on any of these incidents please contact askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca

These are community assets and we would appreciate any information regarding any incidents that may occur involving LEAF property/assets.

Please contact the askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca to report your concerns.

By the time you read this report the City LEAF crew will have been very busy maintaining our green spaces and enhancing our planter pots and gardens.

As you walk or drive throughout Edgemont take the time to observe everyone’s beautiful gardens.  This year you may notice a special theme taking place.  Canada 150.  Reds and whites might be the predominant colour.

Let’s all be proud of our community and our country.

The LEAF team

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