LEAF REPORT: June 2018

LEAF REPORT: June 2018

LEAF REPORT: June 2018

It looks like spring is starting to show us some better weather. The snow has melted and our daffodils are pushing up through the soil…always a cheerful sight! The City is doing their street sweeping and they are busy cleaning the winter gravel and sand off our medians and boulevards for the sweepers to pick up.

Edgemont Green Space Open House Review

On April 21, 2018, we held the 2018 Edgemont Green Space Open House at the ECC. This was an information session open to our residents to learn more about the Enhanced Landscape Maintenance (“ELM”) program and other green space initiatives.

Two City of Calgary Parks representatives attended to answer questions from our residents about the required transition of the City’s standard green space work program plus Edgemont’s ELM from the City as a contractor to a private contractor.

We introduced ABLE LANDSCAPING LTD., the landscaping company recently hired by the ECA to perform both the City’s standard green space work program and Edgemont’s ELM program. They were thrilled to attend and to meet our residents and answered many questions from the people who attended.

Through Askleaf@edgemont.ab.ca and personal communications, the LEAF team receives many requests for LEAF to take care of items that are not included in the scope of the program as authorized by the homeowners of Edgemont during the public campaign. Through this Open House, we tried to address many of these issues by preparing posters that explained what LEAF can do and to help residents understand what they can do as individuals to address those issues not handled by LEAF, including various types of bylaw infractions. It was a wonderful opportunity for residents to learn all about the program, progress made over the first two years of the program, the 2018 budget and what is planned for 2018.

The LEAF team has in the past gone out of their way to help a lot of these issues be addressed and have reported them to 311 for attention by the correct City department. Residents can help in this process by being engaged. Slowly but surely we are seeing many improvements to our neglected community. Resolution of most of these issues contributes to the on-going care and beautification of Edgemont, plus safety and security of our neighbourhoods.

The LEAF Program is not about “just flowers”, as so many people seem to think and to express. It’s also about turf and tree well maintenance and enhancement. If you walk in Edgemont’s many parks, play in our tot lots or just walk or drive by our boulevards and medians, you will see the LEAF program in action.

Last but not least we were thrilled to show the diagram and plans of the replacement sign for Edgemont. This sign replaces the one that was hit on Edgemont Blvd at John Laurie Blvd. a couple of years ago. Due to safety concerns, we can not have the sign on the median so it will be positioned on the park side of Edgemont Blvd and visible from John Laurie Blvd. We are hoping our May time frame can be met for placement of our new entrance sign.

We want to thank everyone who attended the Open House and we are thrilled with all the positive suggestions we received for consideration going forward.

We also want to thank Councillor Sean Chu for attending and being informed of the progress and plans for Edgemont’s 2018 ELM program.
Thank you to those who signed up as volunteers to assist the LEAF team.

New Enhancement Work in Edgemont

Our LEAF contractor has started cleaning out some of the shrub beds and our parks in our green spaces. They will be laying down new cement pads in many locations around Edgemont in preparation for the arrival of our new planters. They will also be leveling the existing planters and pads before the plants go in.

The new planters will be positioned by the end of May and our plants should arrive by June 1. The growers recommend that plants not be planted until after the 24th of May to avoid the chance of frost damage.

We are coming into the dandelion season and our request for IPM spraying has gone to the City for quotes. We will decide on what areas are to be treated once we receive the quotes.

The LEAF team has approached Urban Forestry to find out when our community might receive new trees. This is not a scope of LEAF but it is a major complaint from our community so we sought answers. We have been informed by Urban Forestry that Edgemont will be receiving 50 new trees this year. At the request of Urban Forestry, the LEAF team has spent much time driving around the community selecting places that new trees can be planted. Our requests have been submitted to Urban Forestry and we are awaiting their reply.

Further to our Green Space Open House, we have had some volunteers come forward to help LEAF and to monitor bylaw infractions. They are trying to curtail the number of illegal signs going up all around our community and are keeping their eyes open for graffiti or other bylaws infractions. Many of these infractions detract from the beautification of our community and are also safety issues. LEAF is doing its part in maintaining and enhancing our public green spaces but the majority of complaints we get are more bylaw infractions or personal property complaints. These are not in the scope of LEAF but we have done everything we can to help address these issues with the City departments. If you have any concerns, please contact LEAF or the City at 311.

This year is Edgemont’s 40th Birthday and we want Edgemont to look its best. My LEAF teammate has gone out of her way to contact Councillor Sean Chu and has written letters to all the Utility companies to ask that all of their utility boxes be replaced if old and rusty, fixed or re-painted. They really detract from the attractiveness of our community. Enmax has done a wonderful job repainting their big green boxes. They look awesome!

That’s all for now,

The LEAF Team

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