LEAF Update - September 2016

LEAF Update - September 2016

LEAF Update – September 2016

The LEAF committee continues to meet with City Parks and our horticulturist, on a monthly basis.  With our LEAF program being approved at the end of April, the City Parks crew has made great strides considering our late start to the season. They have done an amazing job to date (end of July) in less than 3 months!

LEAF Update September 2016

The scope of completed work so far:                         

  • 434 tree wells have been edged and mulched
  • 6 playgrounds have had shrub beds cleaned up and mulched
  • 25 islands have had organic debris blown out and removed. All islands have been assessed for future improvements.
  • 7 new flower beds have been created
  • 37 new flower pots have been placed and planted
  • 11 large spruce tree beds have been mulched
  • 7 medians have been re-seeded and top dressed with a Nutri-loam application
  • 16 sites have been sprayed by IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for dandelions and weeds.  A second application is scheduled for the fall, due to the severity of the weed infestation.
  • This is a multi year project.

Moving forward in the season, many more projects will still be completed such as: 

  • Bus stop site at Edenwold Drive and Edgemont Boulevard will be sprayed, and enhanced
  • More shrub beds and tree beds will be mulched
  • Park spaces will be aerated and core crushed for a healthier turf
  • More pots for several main arteries will be ordered for the spring of 2017
  • Replacement shrubs will be pre-ordered
  • Perennials will be pre-ordered for plantings in the spring

We are only in YEAR 1 of our rejuvenation.  Areas are being assessed for the scope of continuing work that will take place for future years.

We believe that the City Parks Gardening Team has been working very hard to make a huge difference in beautifying our community.  Please acknowledge their efforts and share your appreciation with them as you walk or drive by.

We are receiving many inquiries regarding a number of ‘corners’ that have not been enhanced. Many of these corners in Edgemont were landscaped by the developers and they had an arrangement to work on private property. When the developers left, the maintenance responsibilities of these areas was turned back to the homeowners and it is now their responsibility to maintain the areas. Public funds cannot be used for private property.

~ The LEAF Committee

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