Notice to ECA Members of a Special Resolution

Notice to ECA Members of a Special Resolution

Notice to ECA Members of a Special Resolution

Notice to ECA Members of a Special Resolution:

There will be a motion for a Special Resolution at the AGM on May 10 proposing that Members consider and approve the following changes to the Bylaws of the ECA:

(i) Change the name of “President" to “Chair"

(ii) Change the name of "1st Vice-President" to "Vice-Chair"

(iii) Eliminate the Officer position of 2nd Vice-President

(iv) Change the quorum requirements for General Meetings from “forty” to “thirty-four”

(v) Eliminate 2.1.10 “Core Portfolio” and re-number the list and eliminate 5.2.1 k relating to Core portfolio, and re-number the remaining list.

(vi) In 5.1 change “an Administrative Governing” to “a Policy Governing”

(vii) In 5.1 include “but it delegates daily operations to the General Manager”

(viii) delete the current wording of 5.1.4 and add: “The General Manager handles daily operations associated with Association assets and may hire staff and procure resources accordingly.  The Chair provides guidance to the General Manager as required and acts in an intermediary capacity between the General Manager and the Board.”

(ix) In 5.2.1 p., delete “and ECA employees” and replace with “or the General Manager”

(x)  Add 5.2.1 q.: “The General Manager is responsible to ensure Association assets operate at optimum effectiveness.  The General Manager provides updates to the Board at regular meetings and highlights issues needing resolution from the Board.   The General Manager executes the directives of the Board and disseminates information as appropriate to employees, the Association and users of Association assets.  The General Manager is required to attend Board meetings but is not a member of the Board.”

A Special Resolution requires approval by seventy-five (75%) percent of the votes cast by Voting Members.

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