Proposed Edgemont Disc Golf Course Information

Proposed Edgemont Disc Golf Course Information

Proposed Edgemont Disc Golf Course Information

Trial Edgemont Disc Golf Course is now open to play!

The trial Edgemont Disc Golf Course is now open to play. It is located on the NW corner of John Laurie Park. Look for the sandwich board in the paved parking lot for a map of the course and course rules. We look forward to receiving your thoughts on the proposed course. Please send all feedback to


The Edgemont Disc Golf Committee (“EDGC”) is exploring the idea of building a 9 hole Disc Golf Course in Edgemont. As part of the process, the EDGC has built a trial Disc Golf Course on the NW corner of John Laurie Park to help engage with the community. The orange stakes represent the proposed throwing pad locations and the red stakes represent the proposed basket locations.


OBJECT: Have fun and play the course from beginning to the end in the fewest number of throws.

TEE OFF: Tee throws must be released within 3 yards of an orange staked sign. This area represents a proposed tee box location. If an orange sign is located near a sidewalk or pathway, please use this area as a throwing pad.

LIE: The spot where the disc lands.

THROWING ORDER: Lowest score on the previous hole tee first. After the tee off, the player whose lie is farthest from the target throws first.

FAIRWAY THROWS: Must be made from the lie. A run-up and follow-through are permitted.

PUTT: Within 10 yards of a red stake, a player may not step past the lie when attempting a putt.

COMPLETION OF HOLE: The hole is complete when the disc is within 1 yard of a red stake.

SAFETY: Do not throw until players or park users are out of range. Please share the park space, pedestrians have the right of way.

CLEANUP: Please do not litter and consider picking up other debris as you play.


The EDGC asks that all people who tour and play the trial course to please send your contact information and thoughts on the course to This will allow for the EDGC to make adjustments to the disc golf course and conduct thorough community consultation.


The EDGC hopes to hold an open house at the Edgemont Community Centre later in the fall to complete the community consultation process. The EDGC will then move on to fundraising and hopefully build a permanent course in 2021.

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